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Ballarat and back: spud cake attack! 

The route:

A potato cake on Sovereign HIll


Today’s Poem (This poem is inspired by the poem In Ballarat by John Farrell).

One review amongst many that were written.
On take out wrappers, on the front and back
Made the journey West, one hundred clicks driven.
to lend a hand, to mates Alex and Jack.
Rounding sovereign hill, a thought had us smitten
golden nuggets (potato cakes) found, off the beaten track
We’d bid our mates adieu, set out on our quest
Three sites to go prospecting, which would be best?

Fair Dinkum Fish & Chips, menu roof to floor
Cakes ok, but some uncooked flour within
Brown Hill Fish and Chips, truly unique decor
Hash brown-esque, but too salty and too thin
Leigh Creek Roadhouse, thought we had space for one more
Home made and so thicc, drool down Ollie’s chin
Such a varied bounty, we had had our fills
Turns out in the end, there’s gold in them thar hills

Store 1…

Price and ratings

Holly: “Nothing out of the ordinary.”


Second store

Nice decor too

Waaaaay tooooo salty (had to get some of it off)

Price and ratings

Ollie:”The thinnest spud cakes we’ve seen to date.  Good flavour,  so much  potential,  but ruined by the over salting! ”

Holly:”Hash brown in disguise! 👀 “

And, for the Hat Trick! 

There was even an outdoor seating area

Thicc as!

They were home made

And Ollie went back for another one of these delicious golden nuggets.

Price and ratings

Holly:”Nice,  but not what I’m looking for in a potato cake.”

Ollie: “Eureka!!!  So thick with dagwood dog-esque  batter. These were some authentic, home made, country style potato cakes. Absolutely delish”