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Today’s poem:

We waited quite a while for the 6th cake of the order.

The temp suggested that it came from within the fires of Mordor.

Holly hated her cake,  we should not have bought it for her

A crispless,  crunchless crap cake maybe they  pre-soaked in water?

Dispute started over ratings,  with  criteria of ‘flavour’

Some had called for its omission whilst still others were in favour

This all lead to pass-ag phrases and other childish behaviour

Mostly coming just from Tessa,  but the rest all soon forgave her.

For potato cake professionals,  tasting can be sentimental

But for others just a phase,  something fickle,  temperamental

We did,  though,  all agree,  that the temperature is essential

And alas at pepperoni’s we found large temp differentials

With opinions of our party and our perspectives divided

There was risk of some cake tasters never getting re-invited

In the end debates were settled and reviewers were united

Looking forward to the next tasting we’re all feeling quite excited

Price and ratings

Luke: “Another readable chapter in the potato cake narrative. “

Tessa: “Best potato cake I’ve ever had  (out of the four).”

Ollie: “Don’t go chasing syllables,  please stick to the fritters,  scallops,  cakes that you’re used to…”.  Honestly?  I was mainly just distracted and impressed by the rhyming prowess of our guest reviewers.”

Holly: “It could have been worse but I don’t know how.”


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